How to Write News (W5 H1)

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Are you one fan of the news? If so, you must have a lot to know the latest news. News is a repository of information, where readers can know many things in a short time. But did you know that success of a news depends on presentation. Good news always has the allure for readers. The people behind news maker called journalists. They are working professionals by applying the rules of news writing is good and right.

You may ask how to write the news is good and right? Good writing can be described in two general categories. First, it should be good news in terms of writing, grammar, and sentence placement. A story written by a systematic basis, usually have a strong 'magnet', so that readers like to read it through to completion. This formula applies to all types of writing, including features. Second, the news must be true in terms of accuracy of the data, whether obtained through informants, observation, or testimonies of witnesses.

Below are the steps of writing the news:

Write a brief headline and interesting
The title of the news greatly affect the interest in reading. Therefore, make the title of which has the power. Usually, the title is written in the form of a short sentence or phrases. Complete title of the subject, predicate, object. Example: teacher persecute students, 50 passengers died of accidents, the government distributed aid to flood victims, and others. As much as possible write the title with a clear and unambiguous.

Apply the formula W5 H1 (what, where, when, who, why, how)
For example, you want to write the story of fire in one of the supermarket, then use the formula. W5 H1 will finalize the location of your news coverage. The first question is what? In the mind of a journalist, he would simply answer the fire. Then will move to the question of where? The answer would have been the location of the fire. If fire occurs in the supermarket, then write.

Then turn to the question when? Fire incident in the new supermarket will be reflected when the time it happened is clear. For example, at 11.00 yesterday. After that, you can go to find answers to who? While doing the coverage, usually a reporter who already has the answer. When ordered from the example above, then the result is more or less like this: Fires in the supermarket, at around 11:00 yesterday sear 500 kiosks. How?
Also a potent formula W5 H1? That's not including the other formula.

You are doing the news report can also explore why that is made by peeling? You are required to find deep information to strengthen the contents of the article or news are made. More sources that provide information, news you get will be more accurate. Do not forget, that readers who are looking at your writing tomorrow morning will give you rewards for your efforts to provide a complete explanation of these fires.

If in the field of fire incident information is obtained due to short-circuit, then write them down. Last is a discussion of how the formula? In a news, W5 H1 formula does not always require a complete whole. Sometimes an article is only 4 W load, such as what, where, when, why, without including how. Try to complement your news to conclude how it happened. Fire in the supermarket that you can describe his condition.

Write your story systematically
Typically, writing stright news always put important points first and describe other things. This pattern is called pyramid. Systematic means that the news has written a regular coherent. When reading a piece of fire occurrence in the supermarket, the main problem is the fire, then its location, time, conditions, and others. To remember, do not ever write with repeat similar sentence. For, can be boring the reader. Write a report which followed the previous paragraph explanation.

Data coverage must be true
You will not write correctly, if you get invalid data. Moreover, from a questionable source. If the deal with conditions like this, then you should stop writing. Just write a news source and accurate data, so it is worth to be published.

If the news is based on your own observation, then write according to what you see. It would be better, because you know the direct conditions on the ground.
Another thing you need to do is to cross-check. One source is not enough. You have to find other data that can strengthen your writing fit.

Write a balanced news
Writing balanced news is very important. In certain cases, this can not be abandoned. For example, you load the news about an official corruption case, then you should ask for the information. Not enough information is only based on the reporting or law enforcement officers. This step will strengthen your credibility as a news writer.