5 Movie Maker Free Download

If you have trouble making a video, then this post will give you the answer. Making a video is actually not that complicated if you know how. You just need to move the recorded video into movie maker software and edit. It took a few minutes, you can produce a quality video.

Below, there are 5 movie maker software can be downloaded directly to produce the video. All provided free of charge, although out there available a paid edition.

1. Windows Movie Maker
Windows Movie Maker is the most popular free movie maker. This program allows you to create multimedia presentations and a favorite video clips. You also can make the transition effects and professional touch as your creation. Windows Movie Maker is very easy to use. Imports of used media, such as pictures or video file and drag on the timeline. Add effects and check the preview window.

Windows Movie Maker lets you export videos to several different formats in various sizes, such as recording them to CD or publish it on a website.

2. Video Spin
Video Spin is the editor of many downloadable free movie. This software allows you to create videos without having to learn the curve. Some people use Video Spin to make the movie.

You simply drag-n-drop video clips, digital photos and music files to VideoSpin timeline, add some 2D transitions, sound effects, and your movie is ready. With Video Spin, you can also create scrolling titles to your video. Typically this feature is only available in expensive video editing programs like Adobe Premiere.

After editing the video, you can upload clips directly to online video sites, like Yahoo Video and YouTube.

You can convert video formats to form AVI, WMV, FLV, or MP4. You also can extract MP3 songs from music videos into MP3 audio files. Many others.

3. Sothink DVD Movie Maker
Sothink Movie DVD Maker is a free program that will help you convert your movie files to DVD format, so you can enjoy it in a conventional DVD player. The Sothink Movie DVD Maker has a simple interface, but interesting. Add video, modify the settings and preview the video in the preview window resizable. Provided also feature pruning, so you can get rid of unnecessary bits.

Sothink DVD Movie Maker supports all your favorite video formats, including AVI to DVD, DivX, XviD, MPEG, MP4, WMV, RMVB, FLV, MKV, etc..

4. VideoPad
Videopad is one video editor that is easy to use. Features provided allow you to create a professional video with transitions, music and narrative in a few minutes. Although the paid version is available, but you also can download it for home edition.

Drop files into a video editor and drag to the timeline to adjust the resulting picture. VideoPad lets you capture video directly from DV camcorders, VHS player or webcam. You can also import video files directly. VideoPad supports almost all video file formats including AVI, Divx wmv, .3 gp, and wmv.

VideoPad allows you to edit movies on your own video studio with transition effects, easy to use. You also can create custom movie soundtracks, record narration itself, and import pre-recorded narration, sound effects or music.

5. Slide Show Movie Maker
Slide Show Movie Maker allows you to create avi video slideshow of a series of bmp or jpg image. The resulting video looks professional with the effects of a fade-in and fade-outs, plus an attractive overlay text. You can choose to build a slideshow of selected images or entire directories. The program also allows you to save a job as a project, so you can continue working on them at a later time.
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Know Your Web Page of Malware Attacks

Is your site secure visited? You may not realize that the malware (malicious software) has been infecting these pages. Malware attacks on your site or blog can be very destructive. In addition to controlling the activities page, the malware can steal data. In fact, in the worst condition is fully controlled malware-infected site.

If you feel that your site is important, then recognize the early pages of malware attacks have to be done. The three tools below you can try to identify and detect the level of site security.

1. The WOT - This is a add-on that displays the level of confidence in your site through the ranks. The WOT will perform in search engines to show how secure the site to be visited. WOT's traffic-light style cans be understood by the smallest of web surfers. Green means safe, yellow means caution and red means stop. It's easy and free.

2. Google Safe Browsing - This tool provided by Google to find out whether your site is infected with malware or not. You only need to add the address of site, then see the results of diagnostic pages. Visit the web page above and replace the end of the URL with your site address.

Google will display the four categories of the diagnostic results page, including the current status of the site, what happened when Google visited the site, whether the site in question become intermediaries for distributing malware, or sites already infected with malware.

3. Live Webmaster tool - Add your website address and go to the Live Webmaser Crawl Issues to find pages sites infected with malware. This tool can also identify the external links are a contributor malware attacks.

Three tools are also highly recommended to determine if the site pages infected with malware or not. Good luck!

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7 Ways to Manage Internet Information

Almost all information available on the internet. Without having to move from the house, we are able to access anything. Now, the internet became the most widely used media worldwide. Openness and convenience provided to users to make internet superior to other information facilities.

Freedom of information must be managed wisely. Because internet access is not without risk. A lot of useful information, but not the least is also misleading. Therefore, all depending on the user. Seven ways below is how best to manage information on the internet.

Set destination search
When starting access the internet on computer, you should already have a target search. Think about what information is needed and sought. As a user, we often forget the purpose of search. In fact, by setting targets, the use of the internet is much more effective. First of all, choose the right keywords to search in search engines. For example, writing an essay, reducing air pollution, avoid traffic jams, how to write fast, or other keywords as needed.

• Analysis and copy information
Having set a target search, you will see thousands to millions of related information. You can not reach them all. However, it can choose. Analysis of information and copy that you really need. Usually, the first pages that appear more closely related to the information sought.

• Create categories
What information can be found on the internet. Time spent to browse web pages can be quite long, even exhausting. However, just ignore this if the information has been obtained. Create a new folder on your computer that contains the categories of search results. Then, you no longer need to spend time to repeat the visit in similar sites.

• Create a time limit
How much time do you spend to obtain information on the internet. The best way to save time is to impose limits. Maximize the time available and complete the quest. There is no measure how many minutes or hours, but must be effective and efficient. Instead, time spent less than 2 minutes to get the information by certain categories.

• Focus
Managing internet information is not enough just to set a time limit. Most importantly, focus on the goal. You just need to find a valid and qualified information. On the internet so much information, so that not infrequently confuse users.

• Subscribe
If you don’t want to bother searching the search engines, there is a way to get practical information. Subscribe articles. Usually almost every site provides a space to subscribe. You only need to fill out the form with your email subscription. After that, you'll get the latest information from the subscription site. Choose a subscription site that you trust and have good credibility.

• Engaging in forum
What if the information you need is still hard to come by? There is a great place to visit, namely the forum. Currently, the internet provides so many forums. Almost every field has its own forum. You just need to join and exchange ideas with other forum users. Typically, large sites already provide a forum for its users.
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URL Redirect by Google: Safe and Fast

Google makes new innovations to improve their service. Recently, Google launched URL redirect called Google URL shortener. This service allows the user to short a long URL into a simple and easy to remember.

In the official explanation, URL redirect by Google provided at Goo.gl. You can simply try to make a link to be shared on email, Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, Digg, MySpace, or other social networks. The advantage of Google's URL shortener, has high stability, safe used, and fast. Goo.gl protect users from malware, spam, and phishing attacks page.

There are a lot of URL shorteners available out there. However, Google's URL shortener could be your best choice. In addition to providing a good URL shortener, security and speed should be considered.

You also can get a QR code in goo.gl. You do this by opening the url of statistical detail that you have created, or by adding. Qr behind a short address. For example, http://goo.gl/kphEl.qr. Excess if login first, short url that has been made will be saved and to know the statistics. Almost similar to bit.ly.

Although recently released, goo.gl have high enthusiasts. This is evident from its position on the page rank which skyrocketed, and the level ranged alexa 2,000. Goo.gl estimated to exceed the rank of URL Shortener other.

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