7 Steps in Writing Feature

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Featured is an indirect form of news writing contrary to straight news. Besides requiring analytical acuity, someone who wants to write a feature also to be able to develop the main points of issues that is poured into a post.

When the writing straight news, the model used is the inverted pyramid, then in writing feature is the opposite, namely the pyramid model. For novice writers, frequently to write a feature because it really support your ability in the future. The comparison is, someone trained to write features, usually very easy to write the report into the straight news. 7 steps below how to write feature:

1. Feature written for many things related to social values, culture, artifacts, or character profiles. Often also written with the intention of describing human interaction with the environment, or privilege something that has universal meaning. Feature found in many daily newspapers or magazines. Usually, written on the front page. You can learn a lot about writing a feature on there.

2. Writing feature more peeling "how." Remember again that formula is used for straight news writing, 5W 1H. You can write at length from just a feature works. Such as, you want to describe how hurt people who are victims of a fire in one of the market. You do not just explain how the fire victims wept until the flames running around. But more, you can explore how North their pain. Ask the victim, how hard his ways, he gathered property, so they were so shocked.

The more the information that you dig, the better the quality features. Therefore, there may be interesting information from the victim who could be appointed as the topic. For example, there is property that can not afford casualties assessed by the material.
Example: The victim had several documents diploma from elementary to graduate school. In fact, to get it he must spend a long time and the struggle is not small. Then maybe also the victims were nomads who had no family, so it does not have a place to flee. You as a journalist can peel things lightly, but have a deep meaning in the minds of the readers.

3. As mentioned at the beginning of this paper, features a pyramid model. That is, things are not important can you pour at the beginning of the paragraph text. Then you peel the problem further. Sequence, the things you look mild, ordinary, necessary, until very important. But this is not absolute. The key depends on you. What would be placed at the beginning of the paragraph. One thing that might be it known that the feature is generally placed near the main topic of the paragraph-last paragraph. If the borrowed word terms, writing feature adopts a deduction, peeling general things first and to the heart of the matter.

4. Writing feature is not limited by time. Simply this: If writing a straight news always focuses on new information or the actual occurrence took place recently, it does not feature. The incident which lasted a week or a month ago could have been poured now and then you publish in newspapers the next day. The question is, whether the incidence of fire in the market can be manifested in a feature? The answer, of course. Things you should do is change the topic. In the previous paragraph, it peeled (fourth paragraph).

5. Featured generally very subjective. Writing that poured more on the understanding, perspective, and the results of sensing of the author. Hence, not surprisingly with the same topic, a feature that is generated can vary from one writer to another writer. Let's say a fire in the market, there is a write featur to highlight the suffering of the victims, but different authors translate it in terms of infrastructure damage that is occupied by the victims. We recommend that you select just that you think good to be appointed.

6. In accordance with the style of writing, feature writing is more synonymous with the news that has literary value. The language is simple, but has a broad meaning. Usually, a great feature writer often slip the words rhyme. The difference in the features, lyric verse describes the condition as it is, no plus or exceeded. Therefore, the feature is not fiction like the novels written by the authors.

7. Generally, feature is a very specific. Most only one or two sides are removed. This is different from straight news is explored in more general. Select the most interesting topic that can arouse feelings of readers.