Obama, We're Expecting You

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Not only the Western world who feel the euphoria, when Barack Obama elected President of the United States. The same feeling is also experienced for most Muslim countries. Look at Indonesia as the largest Muslim population. This country come to feel it. There is new hope, although it must be proved by concrete steps. Presence of Obama as U.S. leaders at least could knit the relations between the West and the Muslim world who had not harmonious.

In history, the U.S. and Indonesia already have a good relationship. However, no such feeling at the moment. Obama has a history of living in Indonesia. He had studied and taught by teachers in Indonesia. He was also hanging out and playing with the children in this country as a child. Note that such a trace, and many did not think there was a former student in Jakarta became a head of state in the superpower.

But forget for a moment. There is still homework to be done. One of them is to create world peace. Obama now must resolve a number of conflicts in several Muslim countries. War is inherited by the previous government to be hard work. His mission to bring peace to be tested. World hopes to change.

As a developing country, Indonesia had a hope in Obama. In addition to strengthening relations between the two countries, would also create a future of cooperation that could mutually beneficial. Not only that, you coming to Indonesia is also now eagerly awaited, although they had to be delayed up to three times. At least Obama will be back to taste foods of Indonesia.